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A "Ballsy" Fathers Day Gift

Father's day always creeps up on me. With it being at the beginning of summer time, I just want to bask in the warm weather and not go shopping for my husband (sorry not sorry).

This year for fathers day, I went with a few items from Manscaped and they have you covered in all things male grooming. Let's be real ladies, a clear smooth downstairs is really a gift for you too. You can order it all easily online just in time for fathers day!

The Weed Whacker

Generally as men get older, they get hair in places they didn't before. That is where the Weed Whacker comes in. It is a electric nose and ear trimmer to snag those scraggly hairs coming out your man's orifices. Long gone are the days of tweezer or finger pulling those hairs! The Weed Whacker is waterproof, tug proof, and easy to clean!

The Lawn Mower 4.0

This sleek trimmer is the fourth generation, so you know it has been modified to perfection. It has a ceramic blade that helps reduce any type of mishap that could occur. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and also super sleek. You really do not want your man using the dame razor he uses on his face on his down there parts right? Definitely do both of you a favor and grab the Lawn Mower 4.0!

The Ultra Smooth Package

A three step package to a smooth undercarriage. Step 1 is exfoliating the area to help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Step 2 is a shaving gel that is a mix of four essentials oils to provide a spa like treatment for your groin. Step 3 is the crop shaver that is thoughtfully designed with a pivoting head to help reach everything down there at different angles. It even comes with replacement blades so you can have many a clean shaven night.

Manscaped has a huge lineup of Male Grooming Essentials! Check out their full lineup below and save yourself 20% off!


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