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A Minimal but Thoughtful Easter

This year I wanted to do Easter a bit different than in previous years. I usually go all out for Holidays but the truth is my kids do not need much. They have lots of toys and things to play with. They still have leftover Halloween Candy from the previous holiday as well as some candy still left from Valentines. So this year I went with well thought out items for both of them and I am excited to share.

First off is our snuggly blankets from Sunset Snuggles. They are seriously the softest blanket ever. I wanted to snag a few for my kiddos for their travel blankets as they love to be all cozy in the car on long car rides. They are the perfect size for them and also have stunning prints so I love that they have stylish blankets to haul around.

Next are the adorable cozy lounge sets from JNSKY in the colors green mist and ginger. My kiddos are all about the cozy and soft as you can tell and these do not disappoint. My kiddos live in cozy clothes when they come home from school or daycare or all day on weekends so I know these will be worn a lot! Plus the fabric is so breathable they can be worn in both winter and summer!

I love keepsakes and these cute Easter egg wood tags from Addy and Anna Woodcraft are going to be used every year from now on. They are handmade here in Canada by a husband and wife team and are adorable and so well made. I am obsessing over all of the details on them. They are perfect for our yearly Easter basket and the kids will love seeing them each year.

The next two are the individual gifts that differ for each kiddo.

Kinsley loves to play pretend. So I knew that the little peg people and little wood car from Little Peg People would be fantastic for her. They are non-toxic and made in Canada as well. The people are so cute and they fit into the little car for hours of pretend play.

For Lincoln this year, I knew I knew right away I wanted to get him his very own camera from Kidamento. Kinsley has has one for a couple years and uses it all the time. Lincoln has tried his hand at picture taking using it as well. The little sloth is my one of my favorite animals so I am excited for him to use it. It holds thousands of photos too so I wont have to worry about constantly deleting them off to make room. It also does video so in the future he can take videos as well.

Lastly was the only thing I snagged from a big box type store. My kids always want chocolate so I knew I had to do a little bit of chocolate. I also loved the idea of a pop it on a keychain to go on their travel backpacks so it it always there.

Hope you all enjoyed a peek into my kiddos baskets this year. Again super minimal for them as I wanted to be thoughtful of the items I put in vs just jam packing them full like I have done in the past. Hopefully I have inspired some of you with some ideas for your kiddos baskets!


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I am Courtney the face of Gratefully Gonda. I am a mama of two littles, a girl named Kinsley and a boy named Lincoln. I married the boy (now man) I met at work, Keith and we have been married for 5 years. 

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