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Kinsley's 5th Princess Party

Themed Birthdays are my kind of my thing. Since Kinsley was little we have always tried to do a themed birthday. Her 2nd birthday was Coco (Disney movie) themed, last year it was under the sea. This year when I asked her, she knew she wanted a Princess Party so I hit up Pinterest and found some awesome Princess themed ideas that I am excited to show you! I go for pretty easy and fairly affordable items for parties.

First off, I always set up a table or counter as the main hub of the party. This is where the food and most of the décor is. In our house, I use our island as its central and high up so that it doesn't get destroyed by my two year old.

The color scheme I went with was very princess-like with pinks and golds. I snagged a super affordable pink with golden brown polka dots. I will include the link below.

Next was coming up with an easy menu of snacks for the girls. They were not going to be there for a meal so I wanted some fun princess themed snacks for them. I wanted quick and easy because I knew that I wouldn't have a ton of time prior to the party. The first one was Fruit Wands which I called Tinkerbell's fairy wands. I used a flower cookie cutter to cut out flowers shapes in the watermelon for the end of the wand and put them onto a BBQ skewer stick. I then added a strawberry, a grape and some blueberries on after the watermelon to complete the wand. I tried the night before to die the wands but failed miserably but I think if I had more time, I could have come up with a better plan for dying them pink.

Another super easy but fun snack was a snack mix which I called Jasmine's Princess mix. I bought some pretzel sticks, teddy grahams, and pink, purple, and yellow smarties (I didn't buy them like that, I bought some from Bulk Barn and tediously sorted out the colors the night before). The girls loved that there was chocolate mixed in. I had wanted to try to find more pink candy type items to add but just didn't have the time. The girls all loved it anyways!

The last special treat was popcorn because who doesn't love popcorn. But I incorporated the princes theme of course. So I bought some microwave popcorn (Oh the horror Karen, I know microwave popcorn isn't the best but I had a tight timeline) and then melted some Pink Candy melts on top followed by some purple sprinkles. This was a favorite among the girls and I had so much that I made up some little cups for the girls to take home for themselves and their sisters.

The punch was so good. I contemplated adding a titch of vodka to my own glass as it would have been pretty tasty. But the girls enjoyed the nonalcoholic version. All I added was pineapple juice, strawberry-banana juice, ginger ale, frozen pink lemonade and ice. Mix it up and you have the perfect pink punch for a princess!

As far as a cake went this year I opted for cupcakes. Safeway had a cute mixture of both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes all shaped like a unicorn. Plus it's super easy to throw a number 5 candle on one cupcake and have her blow it out without spraying her germs all over a cake hahaha.

As far as décor goes, I wanted it to be simple but still show off everything Princess. So we went with lots of balloons around and then simple banners and some paper flowers. I bought everything off of Amazon a couple weeks before her birthday and it arrived within a couple days. I am usually a last minute planner so having everything early was new to me.

I bought a kit of 60 balloons and only used like 15 of them. I also had a couple break that have the confetti inside... I am still finding little confetti around my house. Needless to say each kiddo at the party brought home 1 or 2 of those to save my sanity. We haven't had any others break though thankfully. Just deflate which is easy pickup! So just be warned if you buy them! They look awesome but a big clean up if they pop!

The last thing Kinsley requested was having each of her friends dress up like a Princess. Kinsley wanted to be snow white so we ordered a snow white costume off of Amazon as well that we can then add to the dress up bin we have. She was the cutest and of course, never got a photo of her!

But I did find a few pics of the previous years. Here is Under the Sea and Coco birthday!


DSC_1145 (1).jpg

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