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Lincoln's Dino-rific 3rd Birthday!

With the busy-ness of Christmas and New years, I always feel I need a recharge after it. So my son having a birthday on the 15th of January during my recharge isn't ideal. This year I finally kicked my butt into gear on January 12th and with three days until his party managed to pull together a cute and whimsical Dinosaur Party for a dinosaur loving newly three year old! I am excited to show you the details of his party!

The first thing I plan out is the food. Besides birthday cake, I knew I wanted some munchies for our friends and his friends so they had to be both kid and parent approved. I also only had three days so I wanted something simple. So with the time constraint, I figured that buying snack food but renaming it to be dino themed would be my best bet! So pretzels became dinosaur bones and chips became dinosaur scales.

I also found some gummy dinosaurs and used Mini-Eggs are Dinosaur eggs for a couple of fun dino-themed snacks!

Also because I did want some healthy things for the kids to eat. I made a bronto bites sign for the veggies because brontosauruses were plant eaters? Get it?

The punch was a mixture of sprite, simply lemonade and frozen limeade. I figured swamp water was a good name for it.

The next part I planned was his decor. I scoured Party City's website and picked out a couple of Dino themed items like his balloons, the some dinosaur confetti to scatter on the table and some cute masks for the kids to wear. Then when I did pickup I grabbed the green plastic tablecloth, some green plates and napkins as well as the green flower balls which I converted into a couple of bushes and they looked pretty awesome just lying on the island. I also took some of his dinosaur toys and put them on the table. More was more here to create the full effect.

I found some dinosaur footprints and leaves online which I printed and scattered around my house. I put them everywhere in the kitchen area as well as on the way into the party along the floor to lead them into the dinosaur zone!

I also had enough to make it looked like it look like the dino walked up my wall!

The first part of the party was spent outside skating on our mini rink that my husband made followed by the trip inside for the snacks! The kids all loved all of the décor especially the footprints leading to the party!

So that's all. We did an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen because I don't bake cakes, just not my thing but I am really good at buying them. It was a really easy but super cute party that I managed to whip up in three days! It also was pretty cheap as I used some of what I had as well as printing some things at home.

Overall it turned out super cute and it did not take long to get or decorate! If you ever need ideas or help for parties, just reach out as I love it and totally will help you out in finding what you need! The options are endless.

Here's a picture of my little one enjoying his dino mask!


DSC_1145 (1).jpg

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