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My Favorite Lollipop

With the kiddos growing up, I no longer need to constantly monitor them (or check their breathing every 5 minutes like I did when they were babies) but I do still like to keep an eye on them when they are sleeping or sometimes even just playing (mostly to make sure they are still getting along).

That's why I love Lollipop monitors! First off the pastel colors they come in are gorgeous. I opted for pink for my daughter Kinsley and blue for Lincoln. We have one we received a couple of years ago that we moved to the playroom.

They are aesthetically pleasing monitors that totally work with your kiddos décor. I have them in the kiddos rooms set up a couple ways. Lincoln's is hooked to the curtain hook on the wall while Kinsley's is using the wall mount.

One thing I love about them is that I can watch the kids when away from my home or off the Wifi.

We frequently will head out in the yard where the Wifi is spotty and I love that I am still able to check in or if we decide to spend the evening out to the fire or in the hot tub, my phone will alert me and I can check in if there is any noise or movement. Even if I am away from home that night I can check in at bedtime and actually talk to them through the camera to send those goodnight wishes!

It can also be used a sound machine for your littles! They have a variety of different songs and sounds to choose from.

The video is super clear. I also love that it saves events where the room was loud. It captured a moment where we were reading a story as a family in Kinsley's bed and it was a cute moment between us as a family to have on video. Excuse the messy room haha.

Funny story about the camera and also something else I love about them, I was screenshotting pictures for this blog and had to text my husband at home and tell him that my daughter left her light on before school. I love being able to check out the home in real time and make sure everything is okay.

So definitely if you have little kids, bigger kids, they are a great investment in keeping a watchful eye on your kiddos especially when sleeping. Plus they totally think it's fun when you pop in and tell them to keep cleaning when they are just playing with all the toys they find under their bed!


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I am Courtney the face of Gratefully Gonda. I am a mama of two littles, a girl named Kinsley and a boy named Lincoln. I married the boy (now man) I met at work, Keith and we have been married for 5 years. 

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