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My HelloFresh Review of Meals

I am pretty sure I am in the same boat as many of you about ordering my meals online. I was skeptical that they were as tasty and easy as they said they were. My kids and I are also pretty picky eaters so I was a bit worried about the selection of meals. I am excited to share my experience with you and what I thought about the three meals that we were sent from the family box. So here is my honest review of the each of the meals we had and why you should definitely think about giving them a try.

Our first meal was the Tuscan Sausage Linguine. We love pasta in our home so this was a fun way to switch it up for us and try something different than our regular pasta and meat sauce. We generally use either beef or chicken for our meat sauce so the pork Italian sausage was a nice treat.

We didn't add the chili peppers at the beginning as we knew that the kiddos do not enjoy spicy food, I added a couple at the end and mixed them in but would definitely add more in the future as I like everything super spicy! There did not seem like there was enough linguine when we started but the portion size of the linguine mixed with the sauce was the perfect amount and we even had a bit left over for the next days lunch. This meal was mine and the kiddos favorite for sure of the three!

Our second meal was the Beef Kofta Tray Bake with Couscous and Lemony Hummus Drizzle. The ground beef was really good with the shawarma spice and garlic mixed together. We don't eat a lot of ground beef as we generally end up using ground chicken or turkey so it was a nice change to have some ground beef especially for my husband.

This was my first experience with couscous and I really enjoyed it. I can see us eating it in the future with other meals. I was worried as I don't enjoy eating lemon flavored things (Lemon reminds me of like a cleaning scent haha) but the mix of the lemon wasn't overpowering with the garlic. This was my husband favorite as it was something different than what we normally eat and he likes trying new things.

Our last meal was the Breaded Chicken with Honey-Parsley Carrots and Lemon Mayo. I love chicken plus anything breaded always tastes delicious. The chicken is dipped in a lemon mayo then with breadcrumbs then fried then cooked and it ended up with this crisp crunchy shell on the outside and it was so yummy!

The kids and I generally like our veggies raw but the honey-parsley carrots were a slam dunk. I will be making those again for sure and this may have converted me to cooking my carrots all of the time. The rice mixed with lemon (again Lemon cleaner) and onion wasn't my favorite so I wouldn't make the rice that way again but the chicken and carrots more than made up for it.

One of my favorite things I loved about HelloFresh was that I didn't have to think about what to make at all. The meals were quick to make, they were tasty and I loved that there was little to zero waste. The convenience of the meals was awesome as they are easy to make. After working all day the best thing to come home to besides a meal already made, is a easy to make, quick, already decided meal! I have a code you can use too to save GONDA6 or use the link below!


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