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Our Hoppy Easter Baskets

Hoppy Easter Everyone!

For once (most Holidays I am that last minute mama) I am prepared for a Holiday! I have my kiddos Easter Baskets all ready to go for this year and wanted to share some of my Big and Small Shop Items I have added. For Easter we generally hide chocolate eggs around the house that are from the Easter Bunny then hide clues in plastic eggs for the kids to go find their baskets which are from Mom and Dad.

My kiddos are such snuggly kids and I knew a stuffed animal (or stuffy if talking to my daughter) would be a big hit! I snagged these cute little bunnies from Dollarama and I know that my kids will love to snuggle them.

Next up is one of my favorite things in the baskets this year. It is this adorable little egg scoop set with both pastel and heirloom eggs from Lulu & Rose Co . The kids can scoop up the eggs and practice matching to help build their focus, determination, and fine motor skills. You can choose between the pastel or heirloom(robins eggs speckled eggs).

Is any basket complete without some sort of candy or chocolate? We will be hiding chocolate eggs around the house, so I decided to limit the amount of candy/chocolate we are adding to the basket. I added some of the Candy Boutique gummies! I picked out Unicorn Gummies for Kinsley and Dinosaur Gummies for Lincoln. The come in cute little small jars and are perfect to add to your littles Easter Baskets!

This year I added some sidewalk chalk for both kiddos to use on our garage pad. Last year Kinsley was using some small ones we found but will be excited this year to have their own set! Hopefully Lincoln doesn't break them all first use haha. Again this is from Dollarama.

Growing up I would always get a new outfit for Easter and the tradition has carried on to my kids. This year I picked Lincoln up a cute short and tee set from Walmart and for Kinsley, a new leotard for dance class from one of my favorite small shops Precious Treasures.

Lastly a couple more Dollarama Items including bunny ears, bubbles, some chocolate eggs and a small toy!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my kiddos baskets this year. Be sure to head on over to my Instagram page and let me know what you included in your kids baskets!


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I am Courtney the face of Gratefully Gonda. I am a mama of two littles, a girl named Kinsley and a boy named Lincoln. I married the boy (now man) I met at work, Keith and we have been married for 5 years. 

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