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The Phantom

What a better time than right before Halloween to share our new Phantom and I don't mean of the scary kind. I am talking about our new retractable screen door from Phantom Screens!

So our house doesn't have air conditioning because we do not even have a furnace(we run on boiler heat) so in summertime, our house becomes a sweat box especially in the later afternoon when the sun shines in our west facing windows. That side of our house has a ton of windows and a ton that we can open but the opposite side of the house has basically none. We needed a way to allow that air flow through the house to cool it down!

We knew we did not want to have two doors you had to pass through at our front door and we wanted something that looked good and wasn't unsightly. We had gone up to our friends home who had a retractable screen from Phantom Screens and we knew that was exactly what we needed in our home! you barely even notice that it's there!

Phantom Screen doors are awesome because when they are not in use, you will not even see them as they retract back into the frame. When they are open, they will not block any views, they are great for keeping those unwanted bugs out but also still allowing the air to flow through!

Phantom installers will come and measure your doorway to make sure everything will made to fit then come back for the easy install. Our install took only 30 minutes! They have a ton of choices for colors of frames too so your guaranteed to be able to match your frame. It is very easy to maintain, basically give it a spray twice a year with lubricant and your set!

So excited to be able to enjoy our Phantom Screen here next Spring and Summer!! Definitely check them out today!


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