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We Needed a Boost

We have a very excited girl who is totally ready for a booster seat! Since hearing that her bestie moved to a booster, Kinsley has been begging to be moved a booster seat. I was a bit hesitant but then we found the Hifold fit-and fold highback booster by Mifold. It grow with your child as they grow plus its super easy to move from car to truck and vice versa!

One thing I knew I wanted was a booster seat with a back and that would last for a long time. The hi-fold booster seat grows with your child as they grow so they can be in it for longer! It actually has four different areas of adjustable settings so if your child needs only the seat adjusted or the height, it can be done. The adjustable areas are the body width, seat width, head width, and height. Most have three different settings but the height has nine!

The fact that it packs up so easily was a huge selling point for me too. We can easily move it from vehicle to vehicle as well as if we want to travel, its easy to fold up and take with! This is definitely the booster you want to take with you on planes and to your destinations.

Overall we are loving how the ease of this booster and Miss Kinsley is loving it too!

Check out the links below on where to snag one of these seats!


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