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Screen Room Reveal

I am obsessed with the new outdoor space outside my home! This has been a labor of love trying to find each piece that fits with the vision I had in my head. It came out even better than I could have imagined.

I have been working on gathering items that complete my vibe for the screen room since my husband completed it last year. I know for me a room is never fully done as I find new things to add or swap out but I think for this year the space is complete and the coziness just oozes out of the room.

I am so excited to hear your thoughts and what you think I should add to the space. Let me know in the comments on my Instagram image.

I wanted to bring the outdoors in and give it a tropical relaxing feel so I used palms and ferns to bring that in. They are some of my favorite plants even though as soon as I take my palms inside for the winter, they generally die on me. I have ferns all through my house and will try to winter these as well this year and bring them back out next summer.

The blankets that I used are from Sunset Snuggles. They are the coziest of blankets and everyone fights over them when they come in. Plus the neutral tones just add to the room and the cozy vibe. They have such an amazing selection of comfy and cozy blankets in all different sizes and prints.

The sectional and chair set are a set I found on sale from Co-op Home Centre. I love the contrast between the darker furniture and lighter cushions.

The carpet was the last piece of the puzzle and was the perfect addition to the room. It brought the colors in and really draws your eyes down to it like a piece of artwork. I loved the different textures of it and it really brought the whole room together.

You can purchase your own at the link below:

Overall the room has been an amazing place to be. We love spending time as a family out here as well as well as it being a place to reflect and enjoy the peacefulness of nature (generally without the kids as they can be pretty noisy).

Let me know do you love it? What would you add?


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